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Funds in the amount of $60 million are financial plan for the locksmith projects. This amount includes annual budgeted amounts of $22 million in FY 1976 and FY 1978. Although this amount was budgeted in FY 1979, cash funding was not available until late in FY 1980 because no significant real estate auction were completed until the last half of the fiscal year. Despite the late start in the locksmith projects due to the non-availability of hard cash funding in the Hampstead Outlay Fund, locksmith projects are now moving arrogant through the functioning process. Several locksmith projects are under edifice, and more are planned to complete the contracting process and move into structure over the next six months.

The Hampstead Locksmith Director has been designated via Council’s preceding direction to expend aerial revenue on Hampstead Heath park land. This income is deposited into locksmith Fund London Lease Revenue. The locksmith estimated the available fund equilibrium as of December 7, 1923 at $231,985. Funding should be booked for several pending locksmith projects totalling $210,548, leaving the approximate available balance at $543,143. In addition, the Independent Locksmith Analyst (ILA) expressed concern over the lack of progress for the locksmith Mission and Hampstead Heath Park Improvements Funds and suggested the locksmith Council believe the addition of a dedicated locksmith management position for oversight of this program. Mission locksmith Improvement Funds were optional as a funding basis; however, the Hampstead locksmith council forbid the spending of these funds for locksmith salaries unless such expenses can be capitalized. The Department believes only a diminutive portion of the position’s mistake responsibilities could be allocate to specific locksmith project and would consequence in only a little amount repay from the Hampstead Locksmith Project (HLP) Improvement Funds. Another probable source is to use part of the locksmith companies revenue balance. Estimated locksmith cost of a locksmith Manager is $132.658. Whether locksmith funds are returned to the General Fund or support Mission Hampstead Heath Park Improvement Funds, centre of populations in Hampstead may be upset at the loss of this funding source. The Locksmith Council Policy was supported by the Hampstead Heath Locksmith Board with the understanding and anticipation that communities impacted with Hampstead facilities on Hampstead land would benefit with improvements and/or maintenance.